March 13, 2018

Emergency diet changes

I've been dieting consistently for 6 months. I've lost close to 75lbs. But I've been getting more and more hungry every week. I used to think it was a motivation problem. But I've learned since then that the increasing hunger is my bodies way of protecting itself for starvation. The hunger is the caused by the bodies matabolism slowing down significantly. This weekend I got so hungry I fell off the wagon. Long ago I lost 120lbs training triathlon and using a diet program called Diet Power. I continued to diet and lose weight continuously for a very long time. As I lost weight I continued to get hungrier and hungrier. By the time I got to my goal weight I was so ravenous that I ended up gaining all my weight back, and then some. I've learned my lesson. I now know what I need to do. I'm going to continue to diet until I get to 270lbs and then I'm going to reverse diet for awhile. I'm bouncing between 271-275 right now. So it shouldn't take too long to get to 270.

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coach dion said...

you have some work to do...

have you seen this story?