April 21, 2018

My wife, the future CrossFit stud

It was hell getting my wife into CrossFit. She refused for awhile. Then after she agreed she dragged her feet. Her first drive to Bear Canyon CrossFit she cried the entire way there. It was an was an anxiety thing. I don't exactly understand, but I sympathize. After her first day of CrossFit she was so sore she needed help getting out of sitting and laying positions. Even though she was so sore she couldn't move she still went four times. For times in one week is impressive even for someone in great shape. One thing I learned when she and I did CrossFit together in 2013 is that she's a phenomenal athlete. She builds speed, strength, and endurance much much quicker than most. In less than a month of beginning Crossfit in 2013 she was faster than me in every workout. She also has the biggest pain tolerance I've seen. Which is helpful in Crossfit. Because CrossFit hurts. Bad. She once dropped a 45 pound plate on her big toe, crushing the bone to mush. Literally. She still finished the wod. Another time she was struggling with plantar fasciitis so bad that the plantar fascia tore in half during warm ups. And she still finished the workout after rupturing the muscle. Shes's a stud. A natural athlete. I always assumed our kids inherited thier athleticism from me. It wasn't until I saw my wife work out and make gains so quickly that i realized she's the best athlete in the family. My wife is going to be a force to be reckoned with once she has some time in the sport.

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