April 26, 2018

Upcoming powerlifting meet Gallup New Mexico

This weekend is the NASA (Natural Athlete Strength Association) powerlifting New Mexico state championships. Both my son and I will be competing. He'll be competing in the power press and powerlifting division. I'll be competing in four divisions
Power Sports Police division
Retro police
Power press police
Retro masters 1

I'm very excited about this meet. I'll be attempting to break a 300lb bench and 500lb deadlift for the first time in a meet. I'll also be attempting a 433lb squat. Not a great squat, I know. I've lost some strength in my squating in the last 8 months because I've dropped 80lbs of body weight. Which brings up the other reason I'm really excited about this meet. I'm weighing in at 265lbs right now. I'll be lifting in the 275lb weight class. I usually weigh in at 340-350lbs and lift as a super heavyweight. And even though I've lost 80 pounds I'll still be attempting meet PR's at the bench, deadlift, and total!!!!

My son will be attempting a greater than body weight squat and a double bodyweight deadlift. Here's only 10 years old.

The trip will be him, my best friend, my God-daughter, and I. Should be a blast. IllI keep you updated.

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