April 30, 2018

2018 NASA New Mexico Powerlifting state championships report

Body weight 265lbs
275lb weight class

Power clean 52.5k
Strict curls 57.5k (PR & state record)
Squat 435lbs (state record)
Bench 303 (PR & state record)
Deadlift 479 (tied PR & state record)
Total 1216 (state record)

My son
Weighed in at 64.2lbs
Lifted in 65lb weight class
Clean 55lbs (PR & state record)
Squat 60.3lbs (PR & state record)
Bench press 50lbs (PR & state record)
Deadlift 132.2lbs (PR & state record)

This weekend my son and I competed in the 2018 NASA New Mexico Powerlifting state championships.

I'm not going to go into a lot of details about the day. Most of this post will be about my sonss and my coacg. I knew two things was going to happen.
1) since I'd lost 80lbs in the last 7 months I knew I wouldn't be lifting anything amazing.
2) I knew my son was going to do some amazing lifting

My best squat was 435lbs. It was my 2nd best squat in a meet.

My best bench press of the day was a personal best and state record of 303lbs. I was pleasantly surprised by that lift.

My best deadlift was 479lbs. That tied my 2nd best lift.

My total was 1216lbs. My 2nd best total of all time.

Overall I did about the same as I used to do. But I used to weigh 346lbs. Now I'm only 265lbs. For me to have kept up my strength while losing this much is a near miracle. And truth be known, it's not something I'm doing. All the accolades should go to my Powerlifting coach Vernon Smith-More.  He's the most amazing coach I've ever had any sport. Most coaches know how to do one or two different approaches to training their athletes. If those don't work they'll blame the athletes diet, not sleeping enough, or they'll tell the athlete, "just stick with it. You're going through a plateau." Or "it's because your losing weight." But coach Vernon never stops trying new things to make sure I'm getting gains. He doesn't accept me not gaining strength just because I'm dieting. He's tried a lower volume, higher intensity program. A higher intensity, lower volume plan. High both, and low both. As he's trying these things he's watching my results and learning about how my body is responding and applying that knowledge to my next program. He's doing the same for my son. My son's total last year at this same meet was a 110lb total. In one year he's gone up to a 242lb total. His deadlift was 22lbs higher than his total was last year. Coach Vernon is the amazing. Not only is he a great coach, but he's a wonderful and compassionate human being too. As long as Vernon is my sons and my coach our future in powerlifting is going to be great. 

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