May 03, 2018

CrossFit triathlon, diet, and my Box

Last year I watched my buddy compete in the 4th annual Hellbox CrossFit triathlon. At the time I weighed in at 346lbs. I wanted to do that triathlon so bad. That's what got me back into CrossFit and eating right. I'm down to 265lbs. I've lost 81lbs preparing for that race so far. If I continue to lose the same rate as I have been I'll be down to approximately 230lbs by then. I will have lost 116lbs. They've renamed the race Enchant-Fit CrossFit triathlon.

This week my Powerlifting coach Vernon Smith is having me do a recovery week. Light weights and low volume. He also requested I don't do any crossfit workouts. All week I've been close to eating bad food and a lot of it. The only thing I've ever found that helps me stay on the diet wagon is crossfit. I'm not exactly sure why. But going to CrossFit keeps me motivated and on track diet wise. My calves were cramping horribly on all three of the runs. My body was freaking the heck out. Which is exactly why coach told to take some time off to recover. But ever since doing that workout i haven't been tempted to binge eat. I think doing that CF workout was the right thing. Perhaps not the best thing for my recovery. But it helped control my desire to over eat.

CrossFit. I don't always like it. I'm not built for it. But it's damn good for me. And I really love the people in my box.

On a side note. I failed the USPA referee test I took last week.

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