May 10, 2018

First extra credit workout

On Tuesday I did both the strength session and the MetCon (metabolic conditioning, or cardio). I felt great. Fast and efficient. Having lost 80lbs is unbelievably important in CrossFit. Being light for CrossFit is, in my opinion, as important as being in shape. Usually after a hard CrossFit workout I'm so tired I'm worthless for a few hours. But this time I felt pretty good still. So for the first time ever I also completed the extra credit workout after the two normal workouts. AND, I was able to do it RX. That was only the 2nd CrossFit workout I've ever do e RX'd. It was:
3 rounds of
10 DB snatches left hand with 50lbs
10 DB snatches right hand with 50lbs
20 box jump overs

It took me 7:36. Not a great time. But just a few months ago I had to do step ups. Now I can actually jump up on to the box.

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