May 17, 2018

Learning diet and nutrition for a lifetime

I used to be a complete train wreck in regards to eating. And my shitty eating hurt my weight, my health, my fitness, my confidence, and my relationships. My entire life really. I've tried all sorts of things to improve my diet and get to a healthy body weight. Some things worked, some things didn't. As I tried new things I learned. Sometimes I didn't even realize I had learned something. I just thought I had failed. I think I've finally figured out what works and is sustainable for me and my personality. I have a calorie and protein goal for the day, and the week.  i count my calories and my protein daily. And I make sure to hit with in %10 of my goal calorie and goal protein. The newest lesson I learned was to start counting my calories and protein on Saturday. I usually do perfectly on my nutrition during the week. I usually make mistakes on the weekend. And now if I screw my calories up on a weekend I can adjust my calories the rest of the week to still hit the goal for the week.

Life is an adventure. And I'm trying to stay flexible, learn new things, and continue to grow.

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