May 18, 2018

My son and weightlifiting

Before the NM youth and master's weightlifting meet my former coach Joaquin Chaves of High Dessert weightlifting club called me up and asked if I needed him to warm me up, count attempts, and keep track of competition in my weight class and age group. He hasn't trained me as one of his athletes in over two years. There was no reason for him to do that for me. I was so touched.

On a side note my wife has been stressed out driving my son, Cody James to and from weightlifting practice with Coach Vernon Smith on Tuesdays. And now my daughter's volleyball practice is also on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It has gotten to much for her to handle. My wife asked me to pull Cody James out of weightlifting. Instead I called up Joaquin Chaves and asked him if he could take my son at High Dessert Athletic club. Coach Joaquin said yes. I'll be taking him to Joaquin Chaves on Monday's and Wednesday's. My mother-in-law will be taking him on Fridays. On one hand I'm excited that my son will be training three days a week with such an amazing man to guide my son in both weightlifting and life. But in the other hand this kinda sucks because his former coach, Vernon Smith was great with my son. I love Vernon. I think so much of him. Vernon been my powerlifting coach since I started powerlifting in October.

 My son starts HDAC on May 28th.

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