May 08, 2018

Hydrostatic body fat test for Powerlifting at UNM

I got my body fat tested today at the UNM Exercise physiology department. There was great news and bad news. I'm much leaner than I thought I was. I'm at 23.6% body fat. I used to have over 160lbs of fat. Now I only have 56.5lbs of fat. The most lean mass I'd ever had was 187lbs. I'm over 200lbs of lean mass now. And I've only been powerlifting and doing CrossFit for 7 months. So things will only get better from here. The bad news is I look like a still have a much bigger belly than I should for being 23% body fat. It's loose skin. It'll probably never go away. I'll always look like I have a pot belly. That's the consequence of getting to be obese like I did. All I can do is be the best me I can be. And if that means walking around healthy and lean, but still have what looks like a gut. Then I'll walk arounf like the stringess, most confident dude with a gut ever.

May 2018: 265.1lbs @ 23% body fat. 202.5lbs lean mass. 62.5lbs fat.

March 2015: 288.4 pounds @ 35.2% body fat. 187 pounds lean mass. 101.5 pounds fat.

Nov 2013: 274.7 pounds @ 34.52% body fat. 179.9 pounds lean mass.  95.8 pounds fat.

April 2013: 229.7 pounds @ 23.12% body fat.  176.6 pounds lean mass. 53.1 pounds fat.

Feb 12 2013: 241.1 pounds @ 28.14% body fat. 173.3 pounds lean mass. 67.8 pounds fat.

Oct 2011: 181 pounds @ 6.86% body fat. 169.3 pounds lean mass. 12.5 pounds fat.

June 2011: 188.4 pounds @ 10.9%. 169.4 pounds lean mass. 19 pounds fat.

Nov 2010: 222.2 pounds at 19.01% body fat. 180 pounds lean mass. 42.2 pounds fat.

July 2010: 189 pounds at 9.81% body fat. 170.6 pounds lean mass. 18.5 pounds fat.

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