July 12, 2011

Whey protien in my Gatorade

I personally believe that a little protein (the 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein is often mentioned) is good for me on a long, hard ride or run. And it is well-established that some protein immediately (or as soon as possible) after such a ride aides recovery in that it "jumpstarts" the process of repairing the "microtears" in the fibers of the muscles that did the work. Reduces soreness and stiffness and reduces the time for me to recover completely from four or five days to one or two.

Normally when the body burns up all the carbs it can, your body will start burning fat, but can also burn protein.

Protein also accelerates the rebuilding/healing of muscles, which means less or no muscle soreness.

I think there is some controversy if the protein added really helps DURING the effort--but I don't think there is doubt that it helps greatly in recovery AFTER the ride.

Accelerade is a little to expensive for my tastes. I've been adding whey protein to my Gatorade. For me it seems to work better than Gatorade alone & as well as Eccelerade. I stick to the 4:1 carb to protien mix.

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