March 23, 2012

too much work+ not enough rest= triathlon suicide

Since December I've been working 84 to 93 hours a week while trying to be a parent, husband, follower of Christ, & keeping up with my training and diet. To be able to fit it all in I was going without sleep. After 3 months my body finally had enough. All week I've felt ill, I've been sleeping 10-12 hours a day, I missed an entire week of training, and I've ate horribly all week. I ate sugar for the 1st time in 14 months, and I ate a lot of it. I gained a ton of weight in the last week. A scary amount. I was at my dream weight of 175. I wonder how long it will take me to get back to that weight?

Today was my 1st day back to training and eating well. I did a bike/run workout and felt horrible. I was slow and felt fatigued after only an hour of training. An hour is usually a warm up for me. I realize a person doesn't lose much fitness in a week, and that my endurance and speed will return to where it was relatively quickly, but that knowledge doesn't make me feel any better after such a horrible workout.

This was really bad timing. My 1st race is next weekend in Las Cruces, the Mesa Valley Triathlon. If I race anything like my training was today it'll be a very disheartening day.

The good news is I feel well rested for the 1st time since Dec 2011, and we've paid off $24,000 in debt since December. We are well on our way to following God's will of becoming debt free.

State Farm will be replacing my destroyed Time Trial bike with a Felt DA-4 (see picture below). It should be in in 3-7 weeks. Isn't it gorgeous? I'm getting it through Frankie Flats bicycle repair shop.

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