March 19, 2012

triathlon's expensive!

In the last couple weeks I've had to replace one pair of running shoes, a pair cycling cleats, 3 tires, and 4 tubes, and cables and housing on 2 bikes. To replace the shoes would be $120, and the cleats would cost approximately $180. The cycling cleats that I wore out were the pair I had purchased when I bought my 1st road bike 7 years ago. They were Time Impact pedals and cleats, they were were being phased out way back in 2004! I hadn't seen a pair of Time Impact replacement cleats in 4 or 5 years, but last week I happened to strike gold and found a brand new unused pair on ebay for $25! I also did a search for Brooks Adrenaline running shoes and found a pair for cheap. Normally buying a new pair of high quality peddles, cleats, and shoes would run me around $320. I found all of them on ebay for $65 shipping included!

I'll be buying three new tires from Frankie Flats, my favorite bike shop. I'll need to buy 2 pair of heavy duty tires like Continental GatorSkin or Armadillo's, and one pair of light weight racing tires. That will run me $50-70 a pair. Triathlon is expensive!

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