May 29, 2012

high intensity short course training and overtraining?

Since I switched from Iron distance to short course triathlon training 4 weeks ago my legs have been constantly sore. The day before yesterday I got sick. I may be overtraining, not recovering enough in between workouts. My body just isn't used to the 180 degree switch from long course to high intensity lower duration training.

I've decided I'll continue doing the sprint distance training plan I'm currently on for another 14 days then reassess how I feel. At that time if I still feel like the training plan is too much for my body I'll switch to an easier one. Hopefully in the next 2 weeks my body will adapt to all this awesome speed work.

Even if I have to lower the intensity level, everything will be fine. I'm best at sprint distance racing, my body responds really well to sprint distance training, and there's not much I enjoy more than sprint course training. Even if my body cant handle this much speed work right now, it'll be up to or beyond this level later this year.

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Jenny Davidson said...

Running is by far the hardest on the legs - you might have a week where you subbed in bike intervals for running and gave yourself a full 5-7 days off running, it is probably beneficial and I don't think you'd lose any run fitness...