May 21, 2012

short course training

Due to the lack of time to train I've given up on all 2012 Ironman aspirations and started training exclusively for short course triathlons. Year after after my triathlon goals have always been Iron or 70.3 distances.

My body has always seemed to excel at the shorter more intense races. Thus far I've loved every minute of sprint training! There's not many things more fun than going out for a bike ride or run filled with sprints at %100 efforts with equal active recovery time! A short course workout that pushes my body to the limits only takes 45 minutes for running and 90 minutes on the bike. Compare that to the 6 hour bike rides and 3 hour long runs it takes to get the training needed for long course triathlons, I think I've made a great decision.

I'd only trained for short course triathlons once for a 4 month period back in 2010. That was my most successful triathlon season. In that 4 month stretch I finished in the top 10 overall 6 of the 9 multisport races I competed in, 2 of those I finished in 3rd place overall!

If I enjoy the racing half as much as I've been enjoying the training it'll be a fantastic year! I'm really excited about this seasons racing. My current training plan is a twelve week training plan ending with a peak performance at the Dam It Man triathlon in late July at Elephant Butte Lake New Mexico.

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