May 17, 2012

vacation over, tri-zombie returns

I just returned from a 10 day vacation. In almost 17 years of working at the prison this was the best vacation I've ever had. I raced in the Dog House sprint triathlon, got to visit my favorite cousins in Lubbock TX, but best of all was that I got to be at home with my wife at night, tuck my 3 kids into bed, take them to school, go to their soccer practices, and go to church with my wife and kids on Wednesday nights; all the things I've been missing from working at nights.

While on vacation I became used to sleeping at nights- having a normal persons schedule. Last night was my 2nd night back to work, I feel like a zombie, I'm probably acting like one too. I'm no longer used to sleeping during the day, it usually takes a couple weeks to acclimate to working the graveyard shift again. Until then I'll be chronically fatigued and struggling to find the energy to bike and run. Today I'm scheduled for some sprint work at the track and a strength training workout. It's a toss up as to weather I'll do it.... Dang I'm tired.

I keep reminding myself, just 37 more months until I'll retire from the prison, my wife will have graduated from nursing school, and I can finally go back to working a regular shift and feel like a normally functioning human being again.

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