January 04, 2018

Deadlift form and CrossFit technical exercises

I come from an Olympic weightlifting background. So I've always deadlift with a clean and jerk width on my feet and hands. Now that I'm exclusively a powerlifter I've decided to try moving my feet and hands significantly closer. So far it's working wonderfully. I'm lifting more weight and more reps. All aspects of Powerlifting training seems to be doing great right now. My body is definitely suited for this sport.

I played hooky from CrossFit again today. CrossFit is great cardio. I'm sure it'll help me loose weight and look better. But I'm frustrated with some of the CrossFit exercises. Only small people can do them fast or well. Things like handstand push-ups, muscle ups, etc. Even if I loose a ton of weight and get super lean I'll still be 235-255 pounds and I'll probably never be able to do a lot of the CrossFit gymnastics exercises well or efficiently. I'm not sure if I want to stick with a sport that I'll never be anything more than below average at. I'm torn weather to stick with CrossFit or go back to track sprinting for my cardio.

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coach dion said...

I run because I love running

I find swimming boring

I feel cycling requires too much work for me,

While I do swim and cycle I do it for fun not training!

So look at the parts of Crosfit and track you enjoy and do them well!