January 08, 2018

Weight loss jumps and plateaus

I loose weight oddly. On Friday I weighed 301lbs. Then  this morning I weighed 293 pounds. When loosing weight I'll plateau for weeks. And then in a two day period my body weight will drop 7-10 pounds. I've always done that. It's odd. But at least it's moving down.

I only have 18 more pounds to loose to get into the 275lb Powerlifting weight class. And I'm now over half way to  my ultimate goal of lifting in the 242 pound weight class. 53lbs lost, 51 more to go!!!!

I'd really like to show up to the New Mexico games at 242lbs. The last time my weightlifting buddies saw me I weighed in the 340's. It'd be great to show up having lost 100lbs. 

1 comment:

coach dion said...

wishing you good luck with that as I try loose the +_13 pounds I put on while been injured. But I do know they should fall off when I start running...