January 02, 2018

Powerlifting knee wraps and CrossFit

At my last powerlifting meet I competed in the classic division. That means I could use powerlifting knee wraps. I've never used knee wraps, so I didn't compete with them. If I'd have used them I could have lifted somewhere around 50lbs more on both the squat and deadlift. I asked my coach to start adding an occasional set using the wraps to get used to using them. He agreed. Knee wraps.... I guess I'm a real powerlifter now...

I've been getting frustrated with CrossFit. In CrossFit they do a lot of technical exercises that i can't do. Hell, I've never been able to do them even when I was in the best shape of my life. Things like handstand push-ups, double unders, rope climbing, multiple sets of 20 pull ups. I've become frustrated enough that I've only gone to CrossFit once in the last week. 

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