January 05, 2018

The make up break up game

I quit CrossFit today. I didn't want to just disappear without saying goodbye to my favorite CrossFit coach. He sent me a message back that made me decide to stay with it. To keep trying even though I finish last every day. To keep attempting to loose all this damn fat, to get to a healthy body weight, and to get strong and fit instead of just strong. Coach Damion sent this message:

Brother, you work hard! Your numbers are fantastic and if you keep it up you'll be where you want. I know it's frustrating coming in at the bottom. I did it today. I messed my shoulder up again and I won't lie to you and say it's not depressing. Our bodies aren't young anymore and we have to work ten times harder than everyone else. Trust me, I want to quit every day. I joke that I'm the coach with the lowest self esteem. Tears of a clown I suppose, but I refuse to quit. I see you work your ass off brother. Believe it or not, it's members like you that keep me from quitting because you make me feel important. I'm here for anything you need brother. Keep coming!

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