April 29, 2011

microdermabrasion for cyclists & amazing Santa Fe pictures

I've lived in NM since 1989, and this is the windiest I've ever seen it. While I was out cycling today the winds were 39-40 mph according to the weatherchannel.com

I knew today's bike ride was going to be an adventure so I brought my camera. I got more great pictures than I had even hoped for!

For the first time I got hit by a dust devil while biking. I had no idea the strength those things had! It blew me across 2 lanes of the road & a roofing shingle hit the back of my helmet hard enough it knocked my glasses off my head. Great way to get free microdermabrasion! This picture is the south west corner of the East frontage road & Bonanza creek rd.

I passed a NM highway truck that was repainting the stripes on the road. The end result wasn't pretty. The paint was blown across the entire 8 foot median. It would of made sense to wait to repaint the roads for a day that wasn't this windy.

I saw the biggest bull I've ever seen in my life. He was mingling in a herd of antelope off highway 14 near the New Mexico State Penitentiary.

Somewhere around 4-6 miles East of the frontage road on Bonanza Creek rd I saw some sort of buzzard or vulture feeding off of some road kill. That was only the 3rd or 4th time I've seen one of these in the 8 years I've lived here in Santa Fe. The bird flew away before I could get my camera out, I got this picture off the net. This picture was the one that looked most like the bird I saw.

I found this web site describing the rout I train on daily. It's amazing!!! I pass 2 movie ranches & countless gorgeous sights. If you get an opportunity to ride around this rout you wont regret it... unless you get hit by a dirt devil ;-)


Fun times being a triathlete in New Mexico!

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