April 08, 2011

Wedding rings & triathlon aren't compatable/ Or weight loss & triathlon

The other day I was talking to a fellow triathlete & cycling stud named Jason McClure. Jason is one of the most amazing cyclists I've ever seen. Anyone who knows about cycling & running knows the lighter a person is the faster they are. Jason weighs 238 pounds & is still one of the fastest cyclists competing in the South West Challenge Series. How he does what he does on the bike being so big I don't know. It's simply not human.

Jason had seen how much faster I'd become in triathlon because of my recent weight loss. He asked what I'd been doing to drop so much weight & get so much faster so quickly.... I'd like to apologize to any athletes out there who are in his age group. I told him my secret. I told him, "It's all about the diet." & I told him about the diet plan I'd been using. I can't even fathom what kind of speeds this guy will be able to get to if he tries dietpower! The sky's the limit!

When I first started triathlon training I was overweight. Within months of starting a triathlon training plan I was able to get down to 235 pounds, which was progress from where I had been at, but I got stuck at that weight. Nothing I tried seemed to get me below the 235 mark long term. A couple years ago I found a diet program called Dietpower that gave me the tools I needed to get triathlon thin & fast! Shortly after I started using Dietpower I was able to drop below 200 pounds for the 1st time since high school. I was able to stay between 184-200 pounds for a year & a half. I got my body fat tested in May 2010 at The University of New Mexico physiology department & at 186 pounds my body fat percentage was eight & a half percent. I had a ripping 6 pack (see picture above), & was a faster runner & cyclist than I'd ever of dreamed I could be. Over the winter I stopped utilizing dietpower & gained my weight back. By the new year I was back to my old weight of exactly 235 pounds. Why the heck does my body like that weight so much? I dunno, but I know I sure didn't like being 235. I was slow in triathlon & I didn't like the way I looked, so I started using dietpower again. Since Jan 1st I've lost 34 pounds & have got my run speed from a dismal 9:30-10 minute per mile pace back down to a 7:36, which is what I averaged at this weekends Mesa Valley Triathlon in Las Cruces New Mexico.

As I lose weight I get thinner everywhere. Even my fingers get thinner. The only bad thing I've found about triathlon training & finding a diet that works well for me is that I've had to buy a new wedding band every time I lost more weight. The old one became to big- rather my fingers became too small. I've had to buy 3 wedding bands, 2 in the last couple years alone! The 1st couple times I lost so much weight I had to buy a new wedding band I thought it was cool. I'm hoping if I get to my dream Ironman Arizona weight of 180 that the wedding band I wear now will still fit, having to buy a 4th wedding band would be ridiculous!

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Anonymous said...

Diet Power, yeah? Thanks for that blog and the note, Cody. Imma def check this shtuff out...