January 22, 2016

blog hits

Last month I had one of the highest number of hits on my blog for any month. I'm surprised. I've done some pretty awesome things that I've blogged about before and they didn't generate nearly the number of hits as last month. It feels like last month I just wrote about..... struggling. Struggling with my weight, falling off the diet wagon, my natural father, my horrible taper......I've blogged about some pretty awesome things before. I'm curious why last month generated more traffic than any month in 2006. 2006 was the most amazing year of my athletic career: In 10 months a raced in 16 triathlons and a half marathon. 2 of the triathlons were half irons, one of those was the 70.3 world triathlon championships. That year I rode my bicycle unsupported from Santa Fe New Mexico to Hobbs New Mexico, 330 miles through mountains, plains, and desserts. In December of 2006 i raced in a triathlon on Saturday taking top 3, drove 6 hours, them competed in a half marathon the next morning taking top 3 in my division again. These are the things in my life I contemplate.

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