January 05, 2016

quest for a body weight snatch

A week ago I lifted a 100k snatch. My previous best was only 92k. I was so surprised, and just as happy! It wasn't until today that I realized 100k is 220 pounds, & if I was to get to a healthy body weight of say, 230 pounds (105k) I'd be very close to a body weight snatch. A body weight snatch is a really big accomplishment in olympic style weightlifting.  There's only a few people in my weightlifting specific gym who can do a body weight snatch. It's such a big deal that the owners of the gym have a steak dinner every year for anyone in the body weight snatch club. There's only one other time I've found a goal this exciting. That's when I decided I wanted to become an Ironman, finishing a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, & 26.2 mile run. I lost 120 pounds for that goal. I'm so pumped up! This was exactly the type of motivation I was needing to make taking care of myself a priority in my life.

I've put up a new page at the top of my blog to keep track of my goal of A BODY WEIGHT SNATCH!

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coach dion said...

Having put in a couple of swims and spent a bit of time on the bike I feel I could do IRONMAN again...

as for weight lifting, I'll stick to picking up boxes of printing paper here at the office! (maybe I should do a couple of squats with them!)

Good Luck