October 07, 2011

thank you for the prayer requsts!

The following post is an email from the eldest son of the family I've been requsting prayers for:

Hello All,
Thankyou again so much for your prayers and emails!

Praise the Lord with us!!!!! Today the doctors released my Dad from the hospital. The results of the tests and ultrasound showed that he has an infection in his left kidney, an inflamed liver and has passed a large kidney stone. The docs have him on medications for his kidney infection and liver and he is doing much better. He is recovering and with my family now in Yaunde. I do not know yet when they will be able to get to the Grace Tait Shelter, as the doctors have him scheduled for a follow on appointment. My Mom will be sending out an update in the near future.

Thankyou so much for your prayers and please thank the Lord with us for His working in this situation! Please continue to pray that my Dad recovers from this infection and that the family can get to the Shelter soon.

In His Hand,

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