June 20, 2012

sick and injured, season goal in danger?

I got sick 6 days ago. I feel better, but still not well enough to bike. I can't remember ever being sick for this long. Earlier in the triathlon season I pulled my quad and it took almost 3 weeks until I felt 100%. I'm telling you, I'm getting old.

I broke my toe on Saturday night. It feels much better. I can walk with only a small limp, but I'm not even close to running yet. Needless to say between the toe and the illness I won't be racing the Tri Raider triathlon or the Grady Williams the next two weekends. I may end up missing even more races than those. My goal this year was to win the South West Challenge Series. Now that I'm not able to train or race for awhile I'm a bit worried I'll lose the top spot in the 35-39 AG I currently hold.

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