January 20, 2014

back pain and improper weightlifting form

The last week my lower back has been hurting. I knew it had to be from improper lifting form, but I had no clue what I was doing wrong. I've been frustrated. Yesterday coach Jodi and coach Linda pointed out my starting position of the snatch was wrong. Since it was the starting position it meant I was putting undue stress on my lower back every set of the snatch, clean and jerk, and dead lift. After my workout I spent an hour practicing my starting position. I'm hoping I've fixed my form and that my back will stop hurting.

I love Olympic weightlifting, but I assumed I'd be better at it by now. It shouldn't be as difficult learning the form as I'm having. I don't know. Maybe the brain injury I suffered when I got ran over by a vehicle while cycling a couple years ago affected me a lot worse than I thought it did. Regardless, I'll keep training as hard as I can. I'll keep showing up. Eventually I'll learn. Perhaps not as quickly as I'd like, but I'll get there. If it's harder for me than it is for others, then I'll be more grateful than everyone else once I get there right?

After I was done lifting Barry Schroeder pulled me aside and gave me some great advise about staying positive and enjoying the sport. It was wonderful advise and I was grateful.

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