January 11, 2014

The upcoming Missile Man duathlon Feb 1st 2014

I've decided to register for the Missile Man duathlon at White Sands Missile Range NM which will be held on Feb 1st 2014. Ever since I got ran over while cycling back in 2011 I don't feel comfortable cycling near vehicles. So now on the rare times I race I prefer to race at WSMR. There's rarely anyone driving on the bike course, when there is a rare vehicle driving near us they always slow way down, are courteous, and give the cyclists a ton of space and respect when passing. WSMR is the closest thing I've found to racing on a completely closed bike course.

The 2014 Missile Man duathlon will be my 87th multisport race and my 21st duathlon. I competed in this race last year. At the time I weighed 250 pounds, the race took me a dismal 2 hours 28 minutes and hurt me like bloody hell. Right now I'm weighing 260 pounds..... gulp. I expect it'll hurt even worse now that I'm heavier. I'll let you know how I do.

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