January 17, 2014

Olympic weightlifting with PTSD

Today at the gym I was ready to do my squats, but the gym was packed and all the squat racks were taken so I had to use a multi use stand in the corner of the gym. To use that stand safely I have to face the stand, keeping my back to the room so that I can rack the weight after squatting. After a couple sets I started getting a lot of anxiety. I've been a correctional officer in a prison for almost 19 years and I get really stressed out keeping my back to a room, especially a busy room with a lot of people in it. Getting ran over by a vehicle while on a bike ride Sept of 2011 seems to have made my PTSD symptoms much worse. By the end of my 5 sets of squats I was a wreck and I had to leave without doing my cardio.
On the brighter side of things I've been using saffron extract to curb my hunger. This morning I woke up weighing 256 pounds! I'm back into the 250's for the first time in a very long time baby!!!!!!! 21 more pounds to lose and I'll be out of the super heavy weight division and into the heavy weight division!

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