January 16, 2014

2013 year end miles

When I was a hard core triathlete I used to post here on my blog how many miles I'd swim, bike, and run at the end of each year. Since I got ran over by a vehicle while cycling back in 2011 I've virtually stopped all swimming, cycling, and running. I wasn't going to post my years milage because of how low the totals were, but I've decided to go ahead. Most people who read my blog have no clue who I am anyways so what could it hurt?

bike 689 miles
averaged 57.4 miles a month, 13.25 miles a week
run 122.1 miles
averaged 10.1 miles a month, 2.3 miles a week
swim 874.9 yards
averaged averaged 72 yards a month, 16.8 yards a week

bike 3,161 miles (almost entirely indoor trainer miles)
averaged 263.4 miles a month, 60.7 miles a week
run 493.6 miles
averaged 41.1 miles a month, 9.5 miles a week
swim 7,864 yards
averaged 655.3 yards a month, 151.2 yards a week

2011 milage
bike miles: 4,410.6
Averaged 367.5 miles a month, 84.8 miles a week.
run miles 1057.8
averaged 88.15 miles a month, 20.3 miles a week.
swim yards: 48,040.4
averaged 4,003.3 yards a month, 923.8 a week

2010 milage
Bike 4,505.6 miles
averaged 375 miles a month, 86 miles a week
run 775.7 miles
64.5 miles a month, 14.9 miles a week
swim 5,258.3 yards
averaged 438.1 yards a month, 101.1 yards a week

total bike miles 3915.3
averaged 326 miles a month, 75 miles a week
total run miles 705.1
58.75 miles a month, 13.5 miles a week
toatal swim miles 102,960 yards
averaged 8580 yards a month, 1,980 yards a week

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