January 14, 2014

creatine, whey protein and Olympic weightlifting

I've made big gains in my strength the last week. I've made bigger gains this week than any other 3 weeks combined. I'm even feeling less fatigue and recovering more quickly between sets! The only thing I've been doing differently this week than before is that I'm taking 5 grams of creatine monohydrate once a day and whey protein immediately after my workouts. The only negative effect's I've found about taking creatine and whey protein is that my weight loss has stopped and I'm REALLY hungry all the time! I assume the weight loss having stopped and me being so hungry is because I'm building more muscle, so I can't complain. Ultimately me gaining more muscle will make my body burn more calories and help me to drop more fat later on, so I'm content maintaining my weight of 260 pounds for awhile if I continue to make such wonderful gains.

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