February 12, 2013

day 2 and 3 of the Paleo lifestyle competition

On Saturday I found out there was going to be a diet, exercise, and lifestyle competition at my gym, so I stopped taking Garcinia Cambogia Extract. I felt it would have been cheating if I was taking a hunger suppressant while doing a weight loss challenge. After I stopped taking them it took me longer to fall asleep than is normal, but I still slept well. No other side affects that I can see.

Here's how the competition is going so far:

Day 2

5 points earned for the day. 1 for eating a paleo meal, 1 for Paleo all day, 1 for working out, and 1 for a life style change, one for taking fish oil.

I ate 3192 calories. I burned 325 in exercise. I ate 88.5 g carbs, 220 g protein, and 232 g fat.

For my change of lifestyle instead of kicking back and doing nothing during my daughters 1 hour gymnastics I took my boys out and had them practice hitting baseballs and I ran around and fetched them. I had to have ran 5 miles in that hour and squatted down 500 times picking up baseballs.

Day 3

I weighed in the morning at 244.

6 points earned today! 1 for eating a paleo meal, 1 for Paleo all day, 1 for working out, 1 for fish oil, 1 for a life style change, and 1 for a 54 minute run after a CrossFit workout.

I ate 2694 calories, burned 959. Ate 159 g of fat, 50 g of carbs, 267 g of protein.

For the lifestyle change I ran during my sons Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, when I'd normally just veg out for an hour. And I read the bible before I went to bed. It's ironic because the point I got for running is also when I earned my point for a particularly hard or long workout.

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