February 03, 2013

The Super Bowl, food temptations, and triathlon

I had a choice to make, watch the super bowl and be tempted with all the food at a Super Bowl party,
or go to work where I'm in complete control of my food. After my crappy performance at yesterdays duathlon I've decided I'm going in for a 12 hour overtime shift.

I gotta get back to my race weight. Not only was yesterday an embarrassment, but my body, especially my knees are beat up. It's not good to be racing or training carrying around as much weight as I am right now. Things change now.

On February 9th my wife and I are going to a functional nutrition lecture put on by BJ and Will, owners of Zia CrossFit. Both are amazing athletes. Both compete regularly in Olympic lifting competitions, the CrossFit games, etc. Will is a former collegiate swimmer. He's finished numerous triathlons up to the half Ironman distance. After the seminar they are going to be have a club nutrition competition. I'm not sure how long the competition is going to last, probably 6 weeks or so. I'm looking foreword to it. Not only will the info be helpful, but I love competition. The competition will be motivational for me.

My goal is to get down to 220 by The Billy The Kid Triathlon held on June 8th. I weighed in at 252.8 this morning.

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