February 12, 2013

hydrostatic body compostion test

Today I got a hydrostatic body composition test at the UNM exercise physiology lab. The results weren't good. But there is an upside: I have a ton a fat I can shed to win this Paleo lifestyle competition I've started with http://isuckatcrossfit.com/. I'm going to SMOKE YOU Mr I suck at CrossFit! (I'm not calling him names, that's the name of his blog). To check out the competition check out this link: http://cody-the-clydsdale.blogspot.com/2013/02/day-1-of-paleo-lifestyle-competition.html

Here the results of todays body fat test, and the results of my previous body fat tests:

Feb 2013: 241.1 pounds @ 28.1 % body fat. 173.3 pounds lean mass. 67.8 pounds fat.

Oct 2011: 181 pounds @ 6.86% body fat. 169.3 pounds lean mass. 12.5 pounds fat.

June 2011: 188.4 pounds @ 10.9%. 169.4 pounds lean mass. 19 pounds fat.

Nov 2010: 222.2 pounds at 19.01% body fat. 180 pounds lean mass. 42.2 pounds fat.

July 2010: 189 pounds at 9.81% body fat. 170.6 pounds lean mass. 18.5 pounds fat.

Jan 2010: 207 at 18.4% body fat. 169.2 pounds lean mass. 38.5 pounds fat.

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