Attempting to qualify for the masters national weightlifting championships by lifting a 230k total

May: 97/122/219k
March: 96/116/207k
Jan: 91/112/203k
Oct: 87/115/202k
July: 87/108/195k
April: 88/106/192k
Jan: 83/107190k
Nov: 79/103/182k
July: 76/100/176k
May: 65/89/154k

February 05, 2013

2012 Polar Bear triathlon race results (White Sands Missile Range NM) December

I had been having a hard time finding the results to the Polar Bear triathlon. It wasn't listed on The South West Challenge Series web page or anywhere else online that I could find. The Rd was nice enough to send me them so I thought I'd post the results here in case anyone else is trying to find them. Click on each page to view.
So far the Clydesdale open division points for the South West Challenge Series 3 races into the season are:
1st Michael Barrow 2 races/ 20 points
2nd T. Strasser 2 races/ 15 points
T-3rd C. Roehrman 1 race/ 9 points
T-3rd D. Wilson 1 race/ 9 points
T-5th E. Ytuarte 1 race/ 8 pts
T-5th Zapata 1 race/ 8 pts
T-5th Cody Hanson 1 race/ 8 pts
T-8th Greg Trujillo 1 race/ 7 points
T-8th John Barefield 1 race 7 points

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